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El Camino Radiator & Center Shroud Fasteners, 1964-1967
Model: 3040052
Condition: NEW
Reproduction Of Original (4) Gray Phosphate, Pinch Point Bolts With Captured Washers …
$6.99 kt
El Camino Radiator Fan Shroud Fasteners, With Heavy Diuty Radiator, 1964-1965
Model: 3040054
Condition: NEW
Four-piece kit includes hex head bolts. Screw and washer assembly with SEMS head mark. Plus conical spring washers.…
$6.99 ea
El Camino Radiator Fan Shroud Fasteners, Small Block, 1969
Model: 3040051
Condition: NEW
Eight-piece kit includes screws, washers spring nuts and s-clips. Blow out or extreme discount parts are new parts that have been discontinued with very limited stock available. These items are sold as is and are not returnable or…
$12.99 ea
El Camino Radiator Fan Shroud Fasteners, 1970-1972
Model: 3040049
Condition: NEW
Six-piece kit includes hex head screw and flat washer assembly, S-clips and spring nuts. …
$12.99 ea
Flex-a-Lite Auxiliary Illuminated Switch
Model: 3428002
Condition: NEW
Flex-A-Lite auxiliary illuminated switches provide cockpit control or override of fan function. These switches may be wired to actuate a fan regardless of temperature settings (at the end of a heat or at the beginning of a hard pull), or…
$35.99 kt
17" Steel Fan, 6-Blade, Clutch Type
Model: 3127084
Condition: NEW
  Replacement 17" Steel Fan Blade For Use With Clutch P/N&nbsp 160752 Will Not Work With Reverse Rotation Water Pumps This universal fan blade is constructed like the original GM versions, and works with many…
$87.99 ea
Flex-a-lite 18" Stainless Standard Rotation Cooling Fan
Model: 3116376
Condition: NEW
Maximum Airflow At Low RPM Reduced Eng. Load At High RPM Less Resistance At Hwy Speeds More Horsepower Better Gas Mileage 2.25 in. Projected Width 10000 RPM Rating Standard Mounting Pattern …
$109.99 ea
RestoParts Fan Shroud, 1971-75 Chevelle/El Camino, Big Block 00T218R
Model: 3022477
Condition: NEW
Our RESTOPARTS reproduced plastic-molded fan shrouds are 98% identical to the factory originals in looks, fit and function. The minor difference is that ours are manufactured with the rib lines found along the outside diameter (slightly…
$135.99 ea
RestoParts Fan Shroud, 1968 Chevelle/El Camino, Small Block, Large Core 00T219R
Model: 3022469
Condition: NEW
This shroud surpasses the original in quality and finish. When we built the tooling for our 1968 small-block shrouds, we increased the rib reinforcements slightly and beefed-up the walls to increase the sturdiness and longevity. The…
$135.99 ea
RestoParts Fan Shroud, 1968 Chevelle/El Camino, Big Block 00T217R
Model: 3022466
Condition: NEW
Your choice! We offer our premium-quality, plastic-molded design, which is manufactured as slightly heavier-duty than their factory original counterparts. The fan shroud body is stronger to stand up to the elements. It is noteworthy that…
$135.99 ea
RestoParts Fan Shroud, 1966-67 Chevelle/El Camino, Small Block 00T215R
Model: 3022464
Condition: NEW
Greatly improve cooling while maintaining a factory-correct appearance in your engine compartment. This premium reproduction fan shroud is an RESTOPARTS exclusive and is manufactured to OEM specifications for fit, function and…
$121.99 ea
El Camino Fan Shroud, Small Block, Without Air Conditioning, 1969-1970
Model: 3435970
Condition: NEW
Reproduction Of Original One Piece Shroud Small Block Without Air Conditioning Application Only This El Camino reproduction fan shroud has been manufactured to original factory specifications using today's modern manufacturing techniques…
$137.99 ea $107.04
El Camino Fan Clutch, AC Delco, 1978-1981
Model: 3040246
Condition: NEW
Best Quality Replacement Fan Clutch For Your El Camino Cast Aluminum Construction AC Delco Professional Series Part Factory OE Specifications Assemblied In The USA The fan clutch of your 1978, 1979, 1980, or 1981 El Camino could be having…
$105.99 ea
El Camino Fan Shroud, Big Block, Original, 1969-1970
Model: 3040070
Condition: NEW
Stock Replacement Original GM This shroud must be used with 4-bolt mounting edge top plates that was found on heavy-duty applications. Some big block mounting plates have a 3-bolt mounting edge. Please verify your top plate has a 4-bolt…
$483.99 ea
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